This Tonino Lamborghini smartphone costs $6000

88 tauri lamborgini

A Hand-Assembled 88 Tauri

Tonino Lamborghini is a luxury technology brand started by the son of the famous Ferruccio Lamborghini and it carries the famous bull logo. Now, the company is releasing the second smartphone running Android, called the 88 Tauri.

88 Tauri offers cutting edge specs, but most importantly, it costs a lot… $6000. The phone comes with a metal panel in three colors (black, gold and steel) and leather in five colors. There are only 1947 phones manufactured, representing the year when the company founder was born.

Besides the famous logo and the whooping price, the 88 Tauri has what to offer in terms of specs. The phone features a quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor with 3 Gigs of RAM. The screen is said to measure in at 5-inches across the diagonals and offers a Full HD resolution. 88 Tauri is loaded with 64 Gigs of storage and supports microSD cards up to 128 GB. Other specs include a great 3000 mAh battery providing 35 hours calls in 3G, dual LTE and USB 3.0. The imaging department offers a main 20MP camera with autofocus and flash and an 8MP selfie camera.

88 Tauri is running Android Kit Kat 4.4 and will be offered through luxiry stores around the world and at

While for most of us, buying this phone is definitely a waste of money, the 88 Tauri will surely attract a fair number of rich people for whom having overly priced exclusive gadgets is a symbol of high status in the society.

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Source: PR Newswire

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