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Nothing tells when the Ear Stick will be released

At London Fashion Week on September 21, the Nothing Ear Stick was teased by the technology company Nothing, based in London. On October 26, the business will hold a live unveiling event for its new next-generation earbuds. We first saw a glimpse of the Ear Stick’s charging case during London Fashion Week. The charging case has a distinctive cylindrical shape...


Here is the Nothing Ear Stick case design that was unveiled during London Fashion Week

At London Fashion Week, Nothing teased its upcoming earphones, the Ear Stick, and displayed its charging case. In contrast to the Nothing Ear’s square-shaped charging case, the photos depict a cylindrical, lipstick-tube-like charging case for the Ear Stick (1). Nothing claims that the case can now “easily glide into pockets” thanks to its redesigned design. While earlier rumors suggested that...