Sony might be launching a 12-inch tablet in early 2015

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Sony’s first large tablet reportedly goes on sale in 2015

While Apple’s first tablet bigger than 10 inches is still in the development stage, Sony is preparing the launch of its 12-inch slate, scheduled to hit the market in early 2015. There was a potential market for such new products and Apple was rumored to launch a bigger iPads earlier this month. Instead, we saw a rather conventional upgrade to Air Pad and iPad Mini.

This leaves the space for rivaling companies fill the gap by presenting a set of new tablets with screens around 12 inches. Sony is reportedly preparing a 12-inch device which should debut in the first quarter of the year. DiGiTimes reports that the tablet will be unveiled at CES in January or at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March 2015.

Thanks to reliable sources inside Sony’s own supply chain, understands that the tablet is real and is on the way to be launched in the coming months. There is no info whether the slate will run Windows or Android, or whether it will become a member of the existing Xperia line-up. Or it could be a brand new series, especially if Sony decides to use Windows instead of Android.

The same sources claim the future 12 inch model will feature the top-end specs and a stylus which would fit perfectly Windows 10 OS. Android has also improved its capabilities on tablets, so the choice of the OS is not an easy task. The future tablet could feature a POGO keyboard which would transform it into a full-featured laptop.

source: DiGITimes

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