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Nextbit offers sync, pass, backup and restore

A technology startup called NextBit has presented its new app backup solution. The main idea is to help users switch between apps they are using across different Android devices without losing data. This is without app modifications, so app developers don’t need to do extra work.  The system called Baton pauses the app and sends the state to the other device. Then users will need to long press the recent button to see the connected Baton devices and tap on the app they want to open. Once users tap on the app, the program is opened, right it is left off.

NextBit has shown The Verge demos of the puzzle game App Free Flow. According to the author, the first, which was the game, was the more simple of the two and just involved syncing over game progress from a phone to a tablet. A level was finished, then the app was sent to the tablet where it opened in the very same spot. The drawing app was more complex, with a half-completed finger painting being sent from a phone to a tablet.

NextBit works in a different way compared with Google and Apple approaches. The startup uses a snapshot of the data rather than sending a copy of the app and thus cuts the process of finding the app on the second device. The good news is that the snapshot is no more than 1 MB and the everything works without app developers having to do anything.

NextBit will partner with CyanogenMod and other companies to include the solution into their products. There is no public beta of the functionally so you need to wait a couple of months.

Source: The Verge

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