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Meizu at CES 2014: an alternative for the US customers

Meizu shows up at the event, launches the MX3 in the States during Q3 Meizu is trying to establish itself on the worldwide market and CES 2014 is the right place to make its efforts felt in the US. The Chinese company has shown up at the event promising a simple and easy smartphone experience for the US users. Meizu...

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Crisp Resolution and 4G Speeds in 2014 with the new Meizu MX4G

The technology of smartphone displays is progressing with fast speed, so everyone looks forward to the new 2014 with anticipations for more novelties and more appealing displays thanks to the cutting edge methods to come and do a more advanced job in the new year. One of the things to come out in the spotlight and rivet the eyes to...

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Meizu MX3 – a 128 GB, octa-core smartphone available in China

New models from China constantly push the boundaries in the mobile business. Now, world’s first 128 GB smarphone is available in the country, priced at $660. As you probably know, the Chinese vendors are not distinguished by their originality, instead they bet on copying and improving popular models and offering brand new products at prices far below the leading smartphone...