Apple rumored to move its A-series chip production from Samsung to the TSMC

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The A-series processors production might end in the hands of TSMC

Recent rumors claim that Apple wants to move its chip production to the TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation). The production of Apple’s A series of chipsets currently operated by Samsung and according to the Chinese media, the issue concerns low yields in the 20mm process for the next generation A8 chips of the Korean company. In the meantime, the TSMC is said to be quite successful with its 20mm manufacturing process and according to the same source, this process is ‘smoother than anticipated ’.

As usual, we take such reports with a grain of salt; however in case the rumors prove to be accurate, the TSMC has a lot to win, and Samsung – a lot to lose. Not to mention that this is a great opportunity for Apple to be able to pull few trucks of cash in business away from its nemesis Samsung especially in a time of war between the two giants. It is kind of curious to see how Apple would be able to convict Samsung of copying its designs and utility patents, and to cooperate with it at the same time. We would certainly want to see how this escalates.

This isn’t the first time we hear such rumors of Apple moving its chip production away from the Korean company. Actually those speculations wander off the web for months claiming that the A-series processors production might end in the hands of TSMC. Despite the rumors, however, it’s a solid fact that Samsung keeps on producing the chips that ship in iOS handsets.

In order to make things even more complicated, the Chinese media goes further in its claims. The report claims that TSMC is making the Apple A8 processors and in the meantime it’s competing against Samsung over the production of the theoretically titled Apple A9 chips.

Source: Tech News

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