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Apple rumored to move its A-series chip production from Samsung to the TSMC

The A-series processors production might end in the hands of TSMC Recent rumors claim that Apple wants to move its chip production to the TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation). The production of Apple’s A series of chipsets currently operated by Samsung and according to the Chinese media, the issue concerns low yields in the 20mm process for the next generation...

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MediaTek announces a 60% more efficient octa-core processor Cortex-A17

MediaTek announces a new octa-core processor to compete with Qualcomm The Taiwanese chip manufacturer MediaTek has just announced a new type of octa-core processors called Cortex-A17 (MT6595). Two months ago, MediaTek demonstrated world’s first true octa-core chip with eight cores working simultaneously. Now, the company unveils Cortex-A17, a new chip technology with four cores A17 between 2.2 and 2.5 GHz...