Android 4.3 version for HTC One leaked and unofficial ROM available

Android 4.3 version for HTC One leaked earlier and now an unoffical ROM is available

Let’s talk about HTC again and more specifically about the new Android 4.3 version for HTC One leaked with Sense 5.0 UI on top for the international version of the flagship. LlabTooFer has produced a custom ROM version of the what is about to be released in his words on Sunday, August 28th 10am GMT – the new Android 4.3 version for HTC One. As we know he is an insider and he has built his ROM based on unfinished firmware version 3.09.401.1 and this means that there are not too much difference between the old firmware and the new. However, the existing ones should be discussed.

The usage of your own music on the background of video highlight reel is one of the features that is covered in the new ROM and Sense, of course, will use the beat line of the music to incorporate picture changes. This is so awesome. Something you might really fancy. This is a mini feature that is coming to the daddy version of the smartphone. Other features are focused on the Task Manager app and shortcuts mainly to the data usage screen. Remember this is unofficial release for now and there might be more new features coming to the official release. Maybe BlinkFeed is on the way but this will have to wait for the official release to be  in place to be possible. For now all you have is the unofficial ROM and if you are risky you can follow the source link to see what it offers. If you are not experience in this type of stuff we should warn you DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. For now this is what is going on with HTC and the possible firmware update for their flagship. Whether it will happen or not only time will show. The unofficial Android 4.3 version for HTC One will remain available. In the meantime you can say what you think in the comments below.

Source: XDA Developers

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