Apple iPhone 5S rumors revised and discussed

Apple iPhone 5S rumors and the expectations for the coming device

This year unlike previous years has turned out to be a very unpredictable one when it comes to what we will be expecting from the manufacturers. And this is not due to lack of information or too good security around the flagship products but because of the huge amount of rumors and the difficulty to distinguish between truth and lie. This has been the case for not one and two devices but for the majority. A whole river of rumors has just been pouring and making it hard for us to decipher the possibilities for the flagship in question. Now on the line are the Apple iPhone 5S rumors which are trying to be as accurate as possible and we are trying to present you with only the ones we consider have some credibility to them.

Now that we are three weeks away from the unveiling of the new iPhone the rumors around it are continuing to grow much faster. The image shown above, though, summarizes the most frequent once and it seems to combine the most reasonable of them.

With Nokia in the one corner really making it hard not to improve your camera for low light environments we are expecting the Apple iPhone 5S rumors to be around a lower aperture at f/2.0 to allow competition between Apple and Nokia and maybe a dual-LED flash, and this is exactly what the rumors say. On the other corner we have the Samsung processors and the rumors about coming S Cloud so we suppose A7 processor with 128GB internal storage. The third thing that comes to mind is the fingerprint scanner which is always approved and denied so we cannot be certain about it but by latest rumors we are expecting a sapphire home button and a fingerprint scanner. And last but not least is the Gold or Champagne color option which is yet to be confirmed.

Source: Gigaom

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