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Developers' opinion about OS 0

Developers now give their preferences iOS leading Android desired by more

The research firm Forrester conducted a research amongst developers and found out that Apple’s OS is still the leading platform which they prefer to have their mobile apps on as a main choice. The company surveyed 765 app developers. However, a peculiar tendency starts to show after the first few answer the questions. Developers have iPhone in mind for their...


More devices to be compatible with Ubuntu Touch

It seems that the things with Ubuntu Touch are becoming pretty serious. A group of XDA developers has taken the initiative and is working to help Canonical build the perfect Ubuntu as fast as possible. As you may know, the system is expected as early as 2014, but Canonical launched a website with daily builds to track the development. There...


Ubuntu Phone Review

Nowadays, different models of smartphones are coming out quite frequently, but they use only a few operating systems and recently the need for something new has been rising sensibly. However, Canonical Ltd. (the company behind Ubuntu, Bazaar and other systems and products) is almost ready to release a new mobile operating system – Ubuntu Phone. It was announced and previewed...