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Developers' opinion about OS 0

Developers now give their preferences iOS leading Android desired by more

The research firm Forrester conducted a research amongst developers and found out that Apple’s OS is still the leading platform which they prefer to have their mobile apps on as a main choice. The company surveyed 765 app developers. However, a peculiar tendency starts to show after the first few answer the questions. Developers have iPhone in mind for their...


Ask Watson – the IBM’s service agent comes to Smartphones

Are you familiar with the IMB’s supercomputer Watson? The world’s smartest machine has recently won a showdown competition on ABC against two big champions – Jennings and Rutter. That proved a sizable computer can win against a human –game’s creator. Then, Watson found another job – as an oncologist in a medical school. Now, the supercomputer has started a new...


Microsoft Outlook for Windows RT?

Rumor has it on CNET that Microsoft is testing the full version of the email client Outlook for Windows RT.  However, according to the sources, Microsoft may never make the client available to consumers. They seem to be still unable to decide on whether Outlook RT should exist (RT Office does!), or if the existing Mail client is enough. So...