Microsoft launches a new cloud based health system and a smart band

ms band and apps for platforms

Microsoft Band is available from today for $199

Microsoft launched today two products closely connected together – a new cloud based health and fitness service/app called Microsoft Health and a smart band / watch with 10 sensor for measuring health and sports data.

Microsoft Band & Health app work across platform, working on the three most popular mobile OS – Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. With this decision Microsoft prove itself as a very open company in accordance with the new moto – Cloud first, Mobile first.

Microsoft Band is now available for purchase at Microsoft store US and the price is pretty reasonable for the functionalities the device offers. It features a built GPS sensor so users won’t need to carry the phone in their pockets. The other features require a phone and a companion app – Microsoft Health which is already online on the app stores.

Measuring steps, heart rage, calories burnt, UV sensor, a sensor for detecting the level of stress, and more, are some of the things that can make the Microsoft smart band a really attractive product.

The band syncs with your phone using the app, while Windows phone users have a bonus – you can access Cortana using two microphones. Notifications, reminders, and statuses will be also displayed on your wrist , so the band acts as a mix between traditional smart watch and a fit-bit like accessory.

Smart band by Microsoft is a US exclusive product for now… but we expect to hit other key markets in the new couple of months.

Source: Microsoft

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