LG to ship 50 million phones in 2013

LG to ship 50 million phones in 2013

Having big troubles the last three years, LG’ smartphone business has finally turned into profit. This is a logical result – LG has made a big improvement in the design and the quality of the handsets. At the same time, LG started to offer a more diverse line of devices. All this leads to the positive result – first profit since 2009 and the management finally saw some optimistic future. LG managed to sell 26.3 million phones worldwide last year and it is getting closer to the third place on the market. The first positive results have attracted some powerful investors who are bullish on the company’s future sales.

The company itself is getting more optimistic too. Back in February, LG set a target of 40 million units for 2013 or an increase of 53% compared with last year. Yesterday, three South Korean companies stated that the previous forecast is not good enough and they have made new calculations. The new target sales are between 50.3 and 53.3 million units. We have seen many times third party companies to revise the original targets, but now their forecast about LG’s sales have a good foundation. LG made a big impact with its flagship Optimus G Pro. At the same time, LG enjoys an increased demand on the mid and low-end market. During the first quarter, LG sold over 10 million smartphones, which is a record breaking performance. In contrast, LG sold 4.9 million units in 2012.

Actually, the latest sales forecasts are highly influenced by Optimus G Pro, since the analyzers expect the flagship to reach 1 million sales on every quarter. If all forecasts become true, it will be a really great year for LG and they have everything to do it – a good high-end phone, a variety of mid-range devices and a couple of new projects under development.

Source: Yonhap News

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  1. Tom says:

    Do you guys know if LG is going to release some new phones in India?

  2. Michae says:

    Hello, Tom, thank you for the question. Stay tuned with us for more news and information about LG. As soon as we hear about a new phone being released in India, we will post an article.

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