Carphone Warehouse cuts the price of Nexus 5 even lower to £240 for the 16GB version

Nexus 5 price cut

Purchasing Nexus 5 at Carphone Warehouse will save you £59

Although it’s not exactly a new model and doesn’t sport the highest tier pack of specifications, the Google Nexus 5 is still one of the most desirable devices available on the Android platform. The handset has always worn a reasonable price tag off contract alongside with a vanilla Android experience; however no one would complain if the smartphone receives another price cut. Fortunately for those who are about to buy the Nexus 5, the handset is now available with a discount in all its color options.

Few weeks ago we heard that another retailer- Carphone Warehouse was about to sell a unit from the 16GB version for less than Google officially does. Priced at £298, the black or white version of Nexus 5 also featured a free next day delivery for UK users. But this was so last week. Today the UK retailer has dropped the price of the handset even more to as low as £240 for the same 16GB version and in addition, this time the device is available in all three color variants- black, white and red. According to the official page, the handset is set for preorder and will be available for expected delivery by March 4.

In comparison, right now the same variant of Google Nexus 5 is priced at £299, so purchasing the device at Carphone Warehouse will save you £59. Not to mention that we don’t need to take any delivery fees into consideration as the retailer will ship the units absolutely for free. If that is good enough for you, hit the source link to view more details.

In the meantime, although Nexus 5 celebrates its well-deserved success amongst users, we can’t say that the device is perfect. Apparently, users are reporting a strange behaviour of the camera, related with a hissing sound whenever one is trying to capture a video. Fortunately, Google is aware of the problem and will soon release a software update in order to fix it.

Source: Carphone Warehouse

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