Apple: a fix for iOS 8 problems coming soon

iOS 8.0.1 no service

iOS 8.0.1 pulled out after killing cellular network and Touch ID

Just after #BendGate calmed down, Apple was hit by another major issue, this time related with iOS’s functionality. An update, initially believed to be fixing bugs in the mobile platform, caused huge troubles to many of those who installed it. After updating to the new version, users found that their iPhones were functioning just like regular iPads, with no cellular connectivity. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners were unable restore cellular network even after restarting the phone or toggling airplane mode on and off. Another major issue was the TouchID functionality with users reporting no access to the service.

These problems upset many iPhone 6 owners who found their brand new devices are not functioning and all attempts to bring back the device to a normal state was unsuccessful. Apple, however, quickly realized its fault and pulled out the update, apologizing to all affected.

The company now advises users to reinstall the previous version (iOS 8.0.0) through iTunes, while iOS 8.0.2 work in ongoing. The original update was expected to improve performance, fixes bugs, and bring the new HealthKit app to the store.

To reinstall iOS 8:

1) check if iTunes version is the latest one

2) Connect to iTunes

3) Back up phone on PC or Mac

4) Download the files for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

5) In iTunes select the file and press check for updates

6) install iOS 8

Apple is expected to release iOS 8.0.2 in the coming days.

Source: Mac Rumors

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