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Apple: a fix for iOS 8 problems coming soon

iOS 8.0.1 pulled out after killing cellular network and Touch ID Just after #BendGate calmed down, Apple was hit by another major issue, this time related with iOS’s functionality. An update, initially believed to be fixing bugs in the mobile platform, caused huge troubles to many of those who installed it. After updating to the new version, users found that...

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iPhone 6 Plus gets damaged after staying in a front pocket

iPhone 6 Plus owners complain about weak construction Apple’s new iPhones are thinner and lighter than previous generations and though this feature has been advertised as an advantage, users show how thin and unstable the aluminum body is. The problem is more visible in the larger iPhone 6 Plus which can be easily bent and damaged by just staying a...

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iPhone 6 early pre-orders could be highest in Apple’s history

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch officially on September 19 Apple has recently opened its store page for the both new iPhone 6 and the overnight pre-orders have been higher than ever in company’s history, according to the technology giant. Sources familiar with the matter have revealed to Recode that users’ responses to both new smartphones have been incredible. Some...