What will the successors of Galaxy Gear look like?

Tizen-running smartwatches by Samsung were mistaken with the successor of Galaxy Gear

Leak with photos of new smartwatches were mistaken with the next Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung is working hard on the new platform Tizen OS that is expected to run not only on some new models smartphones real soon but on smartwarches as well. Earlier today the famous tipster @evleaks tweeted an image showing two smartwatches alleged to be the next generation Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and its more modest variant Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo. On the photo both smartwatches are posing one next to another. On the left is presented the more advanced timepiece while on right stands the “Neo” smartwatch. The leak does not provide a lot of information but from the image we can see that the alleged Galaxy Gear 2 is outfitted in metal panel. It seems that its more modest sibling boasts a plastic body. The new models feature cameras located in similar place where the shooter of Samsung Galaxy Gear is set – above the display.

There is a good chance to see the new smartwatches at the big event MWC 2014 in Barcelona in just two days from now. Meantime @evleaks has just posted a new tweet about the wearable techs by the company revealing that they will not be released as part of the Galaxy family – “Those watches are not Galaxy-branded.” This might mean that the leaked image shows the first Tizen-powered smartwatches by the Korean manufacturer. Overall the design of the new wearable devices reminds a lot to the Galaxy Gear. We can see the characteristic for Samsung home button below the screen. The specs and capabilities of the Tizen-powered smartwatches as well as of the successor of the Galaxy Gear still remain a mystery. Samsung is getting ready to announce its flagship Samsung Galaxy S5. The expectations about the upcoming timepieces are that the company has learned its lesson from the release of Galaxy Gear and will assure vast compatibility for the new models with more devices. Hopefully we will soon know more. Stay tuned.

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