WhatsApp Messenger app for Windows Phone 8

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2 Responses

  1. Rebekah Daniel says:

    This is not really a comment but more like a complaint.
    My whatsapp isn’t working since this morning. It started when I got a notification stating that i needed to update whatsapp and since then whatsapp hasn’t opened. I shot off my phone put it back on and nothing. I shot it back off took out the battery put it back on and the same thing. I uninstalled it about 3 times and it still hasn’t opened. I checked to see if my phone is up to date and it is, so i don’t know what tis going on. I’ll like an email as soon as possible stating what to do because right now I don’t have whatsapp.
    Please I need to get back whatsapp.

  2. judy says:

    My whatsapp is not working as well after I updated it.i have a windows phone 8,I reinstalled it ,restarted my phone but still nothing.i can’t access it.what to do?

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