Waze and Google officially announced the acquisition of the app

Waze and Google officially announced the acquisition of the app

After weeks, and even months of intensive speculations about ongoing negotiations between Waze and the three big rivals in the mobile world Facebook, Google and Apple for the acquisition of the mapping app, we finally can share with you the official announcement of the closed deal. Google has just bought the most successful mapping and navigation app. There were no further details revealed about the deal.

The most rumored negotiations in that matter were the discussions between Facebook and Waze which crumbled no long time ago. Now Waze will strengthen the leading position of Google in the sphere of mapping services, traffic information on the go, etc. (with its Google Maps location-based application and navigation services). Waze is a crowd-sourced app that provides the most reliable information delivered by real people, in real time. This is the most significant reason why the app is one the most poplar apps worldwide.

Fans of Waze have mixed feelings about the official acquisition of the app by Google. The main questions that linger amongst Waze’ fans express the concern whether the search engine giant is planning to change the app or it will remain as it is. The latest announcements published on the official blog of the app claims that nothing will change. The Waze team adds in the announcement that they believe that Google is the best partner for the app.

Another interesting question that will be answered soon is whether Google will terminate the supplying of location and mapping data from Waze to Apple Maps. In addition, we wonder what will happen to the free social GPS app provided by Waze that is available at the App Store.

The deal for the acquisition of Waze to Google will bring more changes in the mobile world, especially in the mapping services, GPS navigation on the go and the real time traffic information. Without a doubt, it gives great advantages to Google before its competition. Do you agree with us?

Source: Official Google Blog

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