Vine for Android gets an update, search bar added

Vine for Android gets an update, search bar added

Soon after the launch of the Android version of Vine (the app was first available for the iOS users) many Android users got disappointed. Vine lacks some of the key features available in the other versions. For example, the app did not have a search bar, for which the developers have been criticized.

Fortunately, now Vine gets a new update for Android, fixing some of the bugs and adding new features. With the new search bar, users will be able to search for people and hashtags. Moreover, users could share the videos on the Facebook, so other people could see them. Besides the search bar, Vine has an improved quality of the video, capturing speed and synchronization. Users will be able to clear the cache trough the settings menu. Despite the hard work and plenty of improvements, the new update doesn’t bring the ability to capture videos with the front facing camera.

Vine is an Android app offering recording and sharing of short- up to 6 second video clips. The app records only if your finger is on the screen and you can pause the video while recording. The recorded video is up to 6 seconds, but it could be shorter, if you tap it. Vine is a service owned by Twitter and it has gained huge popularity by its looping videos. Similar service was launched by Instagram, offering 15 second non looping videos. The Instagram app aims at combat Vine, and it offers users to capture videos with the front camera of the device. Fortunately, this could force Twitter to improve Vine and add this valuable feature it the future update. Have you tried Vine on Andorid?  Please share your experience with us. Stay tuned to read more interesting news from the mobile world.

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