Verizon launches a $45 monthly plan for unlimited talk and text along with 250MB of data

unlimited talk and text with 250MB of data

The new plan seems to save subscribers $15 each month

Today Verizon is launching a new calling plan for their subscriber that targets those who are looking for activating a single line of service. The new pack is priced at $45 monthly and offers to save single line users some money; however the carrier mentions that the deal will be available for a limited time. According to the announcement, the package includes unlimited talk and text as well as 250MB data for $45 a month and the offer also features free World Messaging Unlimited for the first three months.

This feature is expected to increase the monthly payments by $5 after the three-months trial is over. In case you’re asking what makes this offer better than the current plans of Verizon, it’s simple- the new plan seems to save subscribers approximately $15 each month. Basically, a standard Verizon plan is priced at $40 monthly and it goes for unlimited talk and text; however it adds $20 more for the 250MB data, which makes the whole pack $60 per month. In comparison, the new limited offer gives you all of this for only $45.

So far, the plan hasn’t been listed on the official Verizon webpage yet; however some other sources report that the carrier will launch the offer alongside with another similar plan for $60 per month. This one will feature the same unlimited talk and text along with 1GB of data. If we do the same maths we did earlier, this plan is ever better by saving $30 each month in comparison to a typical offer of $40 for unlimited talk and text and $50 more for the 1GB of data. Verizon will most likely launch both calling plans with a specific deadline very soon, and the carrier is suggesting its subscribers to visit their local stores or to call the featured phone number for more information.

Source: Verizon

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