Tizen released in October on Samsung’s developer conference

Samsung will be announcing Tizen in October

The spirit has been released from the lamp. When Samsung first mentioned that it is planning to hold its own Developers’ conference the first thought that went through our mind was that Samsung is announcing the new Tizen platform that they have been developing. We had no idea and were like a complete surprise to us that in October the developers’ conference will focus on TouchWiz and how to best develop smart appliances.

However, a new report from Tizen Indonesia not only supports this idea but also almost confirms that the new platform will be launched on the conference and also says that there would be a pretty big focus on the platform. By it all it seems that there will be different sessions through the conference that will show developers and partners how to better understand the platform as well as see the vision of Samsung for it in the future. There is not much information for now but there is a guess that there might be a launch of the first Tizen handset.

And, frankly, this is the part we are all waiting for and it is not of huge importance whether or not the platform will go straight against Android as a rival. The more interesting question is rather how hard does Samsungs consider to push its platform to make it a direct opponent to the now king of other-than-Apple-devices Android. For quite a long time there have been talks that both Samsung is trying to split from Google and Google is trying to split from Samsung so it is really interesting how will the conference go exactly and what will follow after it has been over. Maybe this would set the start of the concurrence between the two giants.

The Samsung Developer’s Conference is planned for October 26-27 in San Francisco, California.

Source: SamMobile

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