The Wall Street Journal brings a light on Apple’s next steps

The Wall Street Journal brings a light on Apple’s next steps

Are you curious about the future plans of Apple? If yes, you will be interested in the latest information from The Wall Street Journal revealing part of the plans for the next products that Apple will release.

The more interesting rumor suggests that Apple will soon provide new models iPhone with largest screens, perhaps over 4 inches. Those speculations begun some months ago when the supply chain sources of Reuters confirmed the information that Apple is ordering sized 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch panels. The future plans of Apple are not complete by just this innovation. The mobile giant will enlarge the sizes of other flagship devices, like the iPad.

Those rumors for Apple’s change in the display of iPad are not confirmed yet. There are opinions that the company will enlarge the size of the touchscreen of the MacBook.

Of course, Apple will be testing and developing many different concepts until it find the golden mine with devices that completely satisfy and even exceed the expectations of users. We can’t really announce news here. The idea of a 5.7-inch iPhone or a 13-inch iPad seem appealing, however we should remember that in the mobile world changes are happening until the last minute of the launching of the device. The good news from here is that everything shows that Apple is embracing the idea of releasing new devices with bigger displays.

What to expect in the near future from Apple? According to sources of WSJ who are connected to the supply chain, we will see a new iPhone with the same size as the latest available model. The new model of iPad will arrive in a lighter and thinner body with the same resolution of the current iPad tablet. The iPhone Lite, which is the affordable version of iPhone is also wrapping up to get ready to be officially launched, hopefully soon. iPhone 5S is also on the horizon for fans of Apple. What are your expectations about the plans of the company?

Source: WSJ

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