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The fully damaged HTC One X after it has burs into flames during charging 0

Accident with HTC One X burst into flames reported in Taiwan

Lately we it seems like we hear more and more incidents with modern smartphones that have exploded or burst into flames while charging. The most tragic story had a fatal ending after a Chinese flight attendant died, injured by electric shock caused of her iPhone device. The smartphone has been connected in the power system, still charging when the woman...

HTC One X and HTC One S will be updates with JB any time now 0

Jelly Bean for HTC One X and One S this month

HTC One S and HTC One X will join the JB family very soon HTC have confirmed that following the HTC One X+ already running the JB,  the HTC One X and the HTC One S will now also be getting their due Jelly Bean update before the end of October. In addition to the smoothness and fluidity that Project...