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Shipment Data for Brazil by IDC on Windows Phone Peg It As the Second Most Popular OS There

Shipment Data for the Brazilian Windows Phone Market Show the OS Is the Second in Popularity in the Country Shipment data on Windows Phone show its popularity in Brazil is growing. Now it is considered the second most popular OS in the country. That is the conclusion on the basis of shipment data by the International Data Corporation (IDC). Users...

Android Lumia concept has been the first idea of Nokia for the line 0

Android Lumia, Surface Phone and Asha on Linux, some interesting concepts from the mobile companies

Perhaps everyone who has ever used phones from Nokia Lumia line has wondered what if the smartphones were running on the Android platform instead of the Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Android and iOS are the most popular operating systems in the mobile world. Windows Phone is growing popularity in the last couple years, mainly because of the success of the Lumia...