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Microsoft faces challenges with the Surface RT 0

Microsoft’s getting sued over the Surface RT and its reports

Microsoft has had its good and bad times and now seems that bad times are coming with the somewhat unsurprising fact that a New York law firm has filed a first class-action law suit alleging that Microsoft has mislead investors over the state of its Surface with Windows RT tablet. Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP is saying that Microsoft...

Microsoft Surface Pro hits the Japanese market in two versions - 128GB and 256GB. 0

Microsoft Surface Pro now available in Japan

Unlike other companies, who experience unexpected turmoil and hardship, Microsoft follows slowly but implacably their pre-scheduled plan, the latest accomplished point of which is releasing Microsoft Surface Pro at the Japanese market. Something more – now the tablet has a new edition – a 256 GB version that will give you the freedom to keep even more data on you...