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Amazon offers Second Screen and Goodreads in Kindle Fire OS 3.1

Great news is coming for the owners of the 9-incher Kindle Fire HD tablet and the powerful Kindle Fire HDX. Amazon just announced having a free software update for the tablets available as an auto download and install via wireless connection and as a manual download. The new OS 3.1 offers changes related to the Goodreads community and organizing your...

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A new Kindle Fire HD may be on its way

You should probably know that when a big manufacturer of devices of some sort makes a big promotion he probably wants to get rid of some of the already produced stock in order to make space for the newly developed one. The Kindle Fire HD, 7-inch model, surprisingly somewhat, has just been reduced in price by $40 and we are...

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch comes to customers

The new Amazon Kindle Fire HD is Amazon’s move in the advancing tablet world. The market  for PC tablets is constantly growing. One area that is seeing even stronger growth is the more affordable sector. It is not therefore a surprise that Amazon has revealed their Amazon Kindle Fire HD. It takes aim at its rivals in two screen sizes....