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96.5% of BlackBerry PlayBook users relying on the latest OS build

Statistics reveal impressive 96.5% of the BlackBerry PlayBook users are running the latest BlackBerry PlayBook OS v2.1. For comparison, only 1.2% of Android users are running Android 4.2% on their device, and 47.4% are using Gingerbread. Since launching the tablet, BlackBerry has sold 1,350,000 units, 500,000 of which in Q4 last year. The latest major update to the tablet was...


32GB Wi-Fi BlackBerry PlayBook at Staples

RIM seems to have found the way to respond to the worldwide drop of prices. Their BlackBerry PlayBook –  one of the best value tablets on the market – has sold well over 1 million units since it’s release last year. Presently the 32GB version of the device is offered for just $118.99. The newt price cut is courtesy of...