Smartwatch device from Motorola may come soon after they file for a patent

Smartwatch device being prepared by Motorola

February 2012, the USPTO on Friday outed a patent application demanded by Motorola the company that is now fully owned by Google and it is regarding a smartwatch device. The smartwatch device is supposed to offer a new function called “gaze detection”, which is directed towards being able to determine whether you are looking at the device.

And the smartwatch device will know when you are looking at it. There is also a lot of talk about dual-touchscreens and enough health related functions to satisfy the most addicted to fitness. The smartwatch device is also supposed to have pulse measurements, body temperature reading and, of course, a heart monitor. Everything points to the fact that Motorola is putting a lot of effort towards the health related options.

Motorola has been on this way before with the MOTOACTV smartwatch that syncs with your smartphone device and is generally focused on those interested in fitness. However, the new smartwatch device era starts on September 4th with the anticipated introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

The brand new generation of smartwatches will be lead by major smartphone device companies like Samsung, LG, Microsoft, Apple. And soon there is a lot more that is expected ahead. If the first devices that appear under the smartwatch term are successful surely a lot more manufacturers will look towards the technology and try to develop their own version of the innovative device.

There is also the Apple iWatch that is expected to appear in 2014 and to be somewhere between $149 and $229 but there is not much information for now to comment on the device. However, only the time will show if the smartwatch devices are here to last or just made an appointment for fame. What are your thoughts on that? Share them with us in the comments.

Source: USPTO

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3 Responses

  1. Serge Provost says:


    I think it’s a great idea. All on your wrist….wow….imagine the future from this point on…Wow

  2. James Hook says:

    It’s great, file for patent, get it on the market. This is the innovation of the future.
    Let me know when it may be available.

  3. Jenny Kim says:

    WOW! That’s so awesome!!! 😉 I so want one!!

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