Rumors about Samsung smartphones that run on Tizen

Rumors about Samsung smartphones that run on Tizen

Have you heard of Tizen? This new operating system is one of the interesting alternatives to the most poplar OS that has a lot to offer for its users. The idea of the new OS, like Ubuntu Phone, Firefox OS and Tizen is to give users a better control over the operating of the device. If you are curious about this new OS Tizen, you will be happy to know that there is a good chance soon to see on the Markey a new Samsung phone (or phones) that run on Tizen. Rumors about this plan have became more intense after a few hints and leaks on the internet about.

We can trust the sources, because the leak comes from a Samsung user agent profile for GT-i8805 that runs on Tizen 2.1. What we can see on the website (which is owned by Techtastic) is the smartphone that runs the Tizen Browser and works with a Cortex A9 processor. The display of the handset has resolution of 720x1280p. The phone supports LTE connectivity. There are not any more details revealed about the phone. There are suggestions that it is not a smartphone of the high-end category.

Another leak came from the Tizen Greek Community revealing not a clear picture of a phone that cannot be seen well because of the bright screen. The name of the phone is Redwood and it also runs on Tizen 2.1.0. The picture reveals the basic screen and a clue to one of the Samsung’s features, S Voice.

Will Tizen become equal competition on the market against the big OS, like iOS, Andoid, Windows Phone and BlackBerry? Time will show. We have to admit that we are happy to have the diversity of OS that all work to satisfy users’ needs and preferences. What do you think?


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