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Ubuntu Phone Review

Nowadays, different models of smartphones are coming out quite frequently, but they use only a few operating systems and recently the need for something new has been rising sensibly. However, Canonical Ltd. (the company behind Ubuntu, Bazaar and other systems and products) is almost ready to release a new mobile operating system – Ubuntu Phone. It was announced and previewed...


Dredd vs. Zombies: Game Review

Following the success of Guns 4 Hire, the developers have now released yet another game again of a very high quality – the ‘Dredd vs. Zombies’. After testing it, we have to admit: Wow! This game is great! Presentation is superb, the gameplay is great … In one word – it’s super fun! It’s also worth mentioning that it is...


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Hands-On Just a very while ago no one would seriously consider the option of phones getting larger. Just on the contrary! Everyone expected that the future would see further development of the already steadily established trend of these devices of communication becoming smaller and smaller. But who can actually foretell the future?! So, after having phones...