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global SMS service by Xiaomi 0

Xiaomi starts its own international SMS platform

Xiaomi, one of the biggest Chinese manufacturers has announced the start of its own text message service. At the Mobile Asia Expo 2013, Xiaomi revealed the details about the international SMS platform allowing fast and reliable text information transfer. Xiaomi has developed the service based on the SAPs 365 SMS platform. It looks similar to the iPhone’s iMessage, but it...


Xiaomi entering new markets with 2S and 2A

After selling over 7 million phones in China last year and with the recently unveiled models, Xiaomi is determined to capture new markets. As you can see on the picture, 2S on the left stays pretty close to the previous Xiaomi Phone 2, with few differences. It comes with the new Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.7GHz chip and 13-mexapixel camera on...

Xiaomi sold over 200000 units of the newly released Mi-One S 0

Mi-One S phones – to beat the iPhone 5 record in sales?

The sell numbers of Mi-One S outrun the boldest expectations Well, we cannot say! But we found it very curious and impressive that 200,000 Xiaomi Mi-One S phones sold in just 30 minutes! The Mi-One S is an updated version of Xiaomi’s first phone with an overclocked Snapdragon S4 chipset, but the price of $235 (€190) seems to be really...