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Panasonic Lumix CM1 front 0

Panasonic adds smartphone capabilities to new Lumix CM1 compact camera

Panasonic jumps into the mobile photography with the new Lumix CM1 phone/camera combo Japanese company Panasonic is trying to re-enter the smartphone business after failing a couple of times in the past. Today, the company’s approach is different as Panasonic bets on excellent camera capabilities of its Lumix camera series, combining them with Android OS and typical smartphone features. That...


Panasonic coming up with a 1080p smartphone for Japan

Here’s yet another smartphone manufacturer getting into the truly HD world of 1080p smartphones. We’ve learned that Panasonic has their own 1920 x 1080p phone in the works. Indeed, Panasonic has kept it quiet lately, not to mention they’ve been focusing their smartphone efforts only to Japan’s markets, perhaps to limit the potential for financial loss. There aren’t many details...