Oppo to present a second new phone in addition to N3

Oppo event 2014 teaser

The Chinese company teases a mysterious phone

Oppo is set to unveil a new high-end flagship device dubbed Oppo N3 at a special press event next week, on October 29. While we are 100% sure about the arrival of the N3 handset, we might be surprised by another mysterious device that has just been teased by the company.

On Weibo, Oppo posted a new image showing two smartphones so the Oppo N3 will not be alone at the stage next week. We might see two devices within the same line-up of high-end N series, but one of them could feature a smaller screen, slightly less powerful specs and different materials.

Details about the mysterious phone are unknown but it could feature the same rotating camera module as the Oppo N3.

The flagship N3 features a 16MP powerful rotating camera with a 1/2.3 inch sensor. The body is made of aluminum and the phone features a new cooling system. Oppo N3 is build around a quad core Snapdragon 805 processor while the display offers a Quad HD resolution.

Oppo is also rumored to unveil a VR device similar to Gear VR. The interest towards the VR market is growing and this market could become the next battlefield after the smartphone and smart watch war. But Oppo VR might shift from PC games to mobile solutions which could differentiate the new product from competitors.

Whether or not Oppo will present VR will be seen very soon because the Oppo event is set for October 29.

Source: G For Games

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