No bezel, give me an edge to edge screen – the new concept for iPhone 6

No bezel, give me an edge to edge screen – the new concept for iPhone 6

Once again, Apple inspires us with innovative and breakthrough ideas, like the concept for the new Apple iPhone 6. What is impressive in this model? It comes with a great 4.5 inch display with a resolution of 754×1296 and pixel density of 333ppi. So far so good, with these features it has the full potential to compete with the rivals on the ground – the Samsung Galaxy S4 with its impressive 5 inch display and 441ppi pixels density, and the sibling in the Apple’s family – the iPhone 5 with the 326ppi. However, iPhone6 brings something new and exciting that we all are eager to see – an edge to edge display that will make you forget about bezel.

This is definitely new and interesting innovation in the tech world. Will this concept finds its place in the future mobile devices? Just like everything else, it comes with pros and cons. With the missing bezel the user’s hands cover up part of the display with almost every touch. The new smartphone comes well equipped with a great dual 2.8GHz quad-core A7 processor and the newest version of iOS – iOS 8. The prototype for iPhone 6 is four times faster than iPhone 5 and two times faster than Samsung Galaxy S4. Its body is made by carbon and aluminum which makes the smartphone tough, but light. It addition, it is designed to be water resistant under 2 feet of water for half an hour.

The concept for the Apple iPhone 6 works with 2800mAh battery, which keeps the smartphone working for 12 hours in 4G, before you have to charge the battery. It has a fantastic 20.2 MP camera on the back of the panel and a great 8MP front-facing camera. The models of iPhone 6 come with 64GB, 128GB and 256GB internal memory.

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