The new LG AKA phone will be watching you

LG AKA smartphone to include eyes on the back side

LG AKA to come with a pair of eyes that watching you

We have seen different bold design approaches from OEMs in order to capture users’ attention in particular market segments. Phones with buttons on the back side, strange textured backs, unusual body shapes, and many more.

LG is on the way to announce one of those strange looking phones. Called AKA, this would be an entirely new line-up that will include phones with EYES on the back. These eyes will be animated and they will change expression in accordance with the usage.

LG AKA smartphone will be responding to users’ activity and change appearance of the eyes, something never seen before. Of course, this is not for most users, and LG is likely to target only teenagers and girls. The first phone from the series will be shown at a special event in the motherland, while sales should start in November.

LG AKA will be available in several colors including pink, yellow, black, and white. There will be something like a protective shell on top of the back panel which leaves the eyes uncovered. Active screens and features are not something new as we have seen the Active Screen by Motorola and Lumia’s Glance Screen, but anything like eyes.

AKA’s specs and features are yet to be announced, but we suspect it will be a mid-range device suitable for the young audience. World IT Show is scheduled for this week in Korea, so hopefully we will learn more details very soon.

Source: Phone Arena

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