New hot trend in the tech world – the foldable smartphones

What’s the newest hot trend on the arena of the high-end flagship? The foldable smartphones! Everything shows that the leaders OEM in the tech world are working hard on introducing the first powerful smartphones with foldable designs. Samsung seems to be making a steady progress in this direction with the project Galaxy X. The rumors about the alleged foldable handset keep revealing more and more details about the device. It has a model number SM-G888N0 and it was spotted recently in the Bluetooth SIG database. It is still unknown when the rumored smartphone will make its official debut.
The Chinese manufacturer, ZTE allegedly also plans to join the race of the new extraordinary devices with a foldable phone of its own. Just few days ago a ZTE-branded device was listed in the FCC database. It appeared on the Geekbench site as well. The listed specs of the smartphone describe a powerful device packed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip and Adreno 530 GPU processor. The phone is named as ZTE Z999 in the listings.
The latest rumors from the tech world suggest that Apple is planning to launch a foldable flagship in the next years. According to sources, the company is teaming up with LG to work on the upcoming foldable iPhone. The expected releasing of the interesting device is set for 2020 so there is plenty of time to learn more rumors and details about the phone. The revealed reports suggest that LG will produce a foldable OLED panel for Apple. It is not a secret that LG has been working on similar projects for few years now. The company has already introduced different prototypes. The projects in development aim to improve the durability of the panels.
At the moment, Samsung is the leader on the market in producing OLED panels. Therefore it is interesting that Apple is working with LG instead with Samsung for the project. The rumored foldable smartphone of Samsung is expected to arrive in 2018.
Will the foldable smartphones be practical in users’ daily lives? It remains to be seen. The new trend is definitely exciting because the foldable device will offer an extraordinary user experience and new features and possibilities. What are your expectations about such devices? Share with us in the comments.

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