Malware in Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, and other Android handsets

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  1. georgi says:

    The exploit can be found HERE:

    [ROOT][SECURITY] Root exploit on Exynos

    Recently discover a way to obtain root on S3 without ODIN flashing.
    The security hole is in kernel, exactly with the device /dev/exynos-mem.
    This device is R/W by all users and give access to all physical memory … what’s wrong with Samsung ?
    Its like /dev/mem but for all.
    Three libraries seems to use /dev/exynos-mem:


    Many devices are concerned :

    Samsung Galaxy S2
    Samsung Galxy Note 2
    potentialy all devices who embed exynos processor (4210 and 4412) which use Samsung kernel sources.

    The good news is we can easily obtain root on these devices and the bad is there is no control over it.

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