LG G2 and its new Snapdragon 800

The LG G2 features a brand new processor

The new LG G2 is now officially announced and there is a lot of talk and interest around it. Some say that it is too weird with the volume controls on the back others are amazed by the thinness of the side bezel. Nonetheless, the ne LG G2 seems to have caught the attention of a lot of people and now its capabilities will be seen before it is in anyone’s hands. A lot of tests and trials it will go through until it is decided how powerful a smartphone it is. But before all of this let’s take a look at the Qualcomm’s cutting-edge Snapdragon 800 chipset, which is powering that whole device. It is a brand new processor that unveils a lot of questions. For example, is it so powerful that it will blow the Snapdragon 600, S4 Pro or Tegra 3 out of the water and make them seem instantly outdated?

Well, not exactly but we are sure that the new Snapdragon 800 has the potential to make the processors around it threatened for their domination. It is really powerful and efficient. With support for a better GPU in the Adreno 330, higher-clocked CPUs, as well as many other geeky goodies, the Snapdragon 800 in the LG G2 is ready to make a difference in the market and really try to beat all the benchmark tests. It is definitely a model that will make a lot of noise after it is tested a few times by different benchmark tests and we are sure that it will achieve amazing results. The question yet still remains will it be able to be so astonishing in order to shake the ground around the already old ones that are already out. Well, the time itself will show if the new Snapdragon 800 is capable of doing this. We are about to see

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