Intel debuts its 64-bit processors for Android devices at MWC

Intel processors

Both 64-bit processors have been based on Intel’s Silvermoon architecture as well as manufactured in the company’s 22nm process

It appears that the MWC has become a battleground for leading chipmakers to join the 64-bit fight. After Qualcomm and MediaTek who placed their bets, Intel has finally caught up to its rivals by announcing its new 64-bit Atom chips. Titled Atom Z34XX Merrifield and Atom Z35XX Moorefield, the dual-core solutions are set to target Android mobile devices starting Q2 this year. Like Qualcomm and MediaTek who will be putting its processors under the hood of mid-range devices, Intel announced that the Atom Z34XX will aim smartphone and tablets priced at about $250. The Intel Atom Z35XX, however, will power more expensive high-tier devices. The team behind Intel is quite optimistic about the future of its processors and believes that Merrifield has completely outperformed all of its rivals in the preliminary benchmarks, mentioning Apple A7 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 in particular.

According to the presentation, the new 64-Atom chips will give mobile devices longer battery life, better application and graphics performance, LTE support and focus on the energy efficiency. The 64-bit solution will give significant improvements in the video performance, as well as compression and decoding. The bet news is that the chips are suitable to pack more memory than 4GB, which means even more improved performance.

Both processors have been based on Intel’s Silvermoon architecture as well as manufactured in the company’s 22nm process. Intel President Renee James shared that her company knows 64-bit computing and  has been the only one currently shipping such processors that support multiple operating systems, including 64-bit Android when it’s available. In fact, Intel has finished working on 64-bit Android 4.4 KitKat for x86 smartphones which will clear the way for phone makers to load the operating system on handsets with the new chips.

The chipmaker promises that the mid-range Android devices running Merrifield will appear sometime in Q2 this year, while ones sporting the faster and more powerful Moorefield will hit in the second half.

Source: PC World

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