HTC One shines in new gold-colored shell

HTC One in gold-colored shell will be launched soon

New color option for HTC One is announced – gold-colored

HTC adds a new color option for its flagship – gold. But before you get too excited about it, we just need to note that it is gold-colored. The HTC One dressed in the shiny shell will not be the same luxury design in panel made of gold that we saw weeks earlier. In this case HTC just enriches the color options for users. After the official launch of the gold-colored HTC One, customers will have 5 variants to choose from – black, silver, red, blue and gold.

The company has not revealed a lot of details about the release of the device or the price of the extraordinary model. The new addition to the HTC One family will boast the same specs as its siblings. It will arrive with a 4.7-inches display with a resolution of 1080p. It is an Android-running device. Under the hood of HTC One is ticking a quad-core processor with Snapdragon 600 CPU. It features a 4MP UltraPixel rare camera and more modest front-facing camera. Among the advantages of the phone are its BoomSound speakers.

When we first saw HTC One up for sales it was offered only in silver and black shells. Later on, in September we had a glimpse on the blue and red variants. They were launched in Europe and some weeks later made their way through some of the US carriers. The expectations suggest that the gold HTC One will follow this pattern of launching as well. Rumors say that it will first be released in Europe. Soon after the announcement of the gold HTC One it was spotted already available for sales in the Finnish retailer Gigantti. The shipping date for the model is 12th of December. The price for the flagship in gold-colored shell is €625 ($845). The red and the blue variants of HTC One were warmly accepted by users. Do you believe that the gold shell will win the hearts of users? Are you considering buying the new HTC One? Share with us.

Source: HTC

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