FoxFi Android alternative Wifi Hotspot & USB Tether Pro

We have spotted the news about the FoxFi Android alternative, WiFi Hotspot & USB Tether Pro application, now available. This is an ideal application for those that have had troubles with FoxFi.

There are two versions of the app available –  one free, and the other paid ‘professional’ version, the latter to cost £9.49/$15. So, it will just be up to a personal choice for the users to make their mind up if it is worth the price, especially if the new alternative app works away without any fuss and allows for free tethering.

The application has in fact already received a number of positive reviews from users, and to find out more or to download it,  hit Google Play.

Download Wifi Hotspot & USB Tether Pro for Android

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  1. shsnnon bruch says:

    I subscribed and it worked fine the first two days. Now it will not allow me to connect. There must be a phone number. Where I an reach you to help walk me through the problem. Thanks Shannon Brunch. 3604608514

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