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$19.99 for the new Chromecast with Google TV (HD)

The brand-new Chromecast with Google TV (HD), which gives you the complete Google TV experience and neatly hides behind your TV while doing so, is already marked down to an absolutely amazing price. The most recent Google streaming dongle costs only $19.99. Google has reduced the cost of the new Chromecast, which was originally $29.99, to $19.99 during a short-term...


Get the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live for 35% less

With good reason, the Galaxy Buds Live are among the best Samsung earbuds ever. They feature a distinctive design and excellent sound. Additionally, these are the first wireless Samsung earbuds with active noise cancelling. These earbuds have a feature that works well, and they have decent sound quality as well. If you get the Galaxy Buds Live from Amazon right...


The Kindle Scribe is a new e-ink tablet that Amazon has announced

Today, Amazon is hosting a press conference to introduce some new products. The Kindle Scribe, a new e-ink tablet from the brand, was among the first things to be unveiled during the event. The Kindle Scribe combines the greatest features of Amazon’s Kindle tablets and e-readers to create a reading and writing device. It is the company’s most recent attempt...


It might still be a good idea to get the Pixel 6 Pro right now

The Pixel 7 will be finally unveiled by Google the following month. Although we are unsure of the phone’s price, we anticipate that it will be comparable to—and ideally not higher than—that of the current Pixel 6 model. Given that, check out this fantastic offer for the Pixel 6 Pro right now if you want the Pixel experience but don’t...