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BlackBerry Z10 will be available for purchase for only $199 on Cyber Monday 0

BlackBerry Z10 for only $199 unlocked on Cyber Monday

Irresistible deal for BlackBerry Z10 offers the unlocked model for $199 Did you make the best of Black Friday this year? If you have missed the biggest event for shopping enthusiasts, you have a second chance to grab some irresistible deals. The Cyber Monday is only few hours away. It is the big shopping event for the online buyers who...

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BlackBerry OS build 10.2.1 might be adopting Android

A new Android Runtime is expected on the next BlackBerry 10 platform that would allow Android application store to be finally available to BlackBerry users for download and installation. BlackBerry might be adopting Android, thought there still hasn’t been an official confirmation. If the company is really walking that way then the four leaked photos of the newest BlackBerry OS...

Q10 and Z10 unlocked listed in BlackBerry’s web store 0

BlackBerry Q10 and Z10 now available off-contract

The majority of mobile users buy their new devices tied with a contract with current carrier. This way of purchasing new smartphones has its advantages. For example, the price of the subsidized handsets is significantly lower than the unlocked devices. Another benefit is the possibility to use promotions and discounts offered by the carrier. There are also trade-in programs and...