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WhatsApp planning voice service in Q2 of this year

The smartphone messaging application, which was bought by Facebook last week, will be focusing on voice services for Android and iOS platforms Now that the smartphone messenger application WhatsApp has been bought by the social network giant Facebook for billions of dollars, the company has announced their plans of moving into the voice service field at the MWC 2014 event....

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WhatsApp Voice Mail & Voice SMS now available for Android

The app lets users record a message, if the users’ call is not answered, which goes through some changes and it gets sent to WhatsApp WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messaging apps being used in smartphones nowadays. Now, a new app complementing it has been released and it’s called WhatsApp Voice-Man and Voice SMS from Twiize. Basically...


WhatsApp in violation of certain international phone number privacy laws

WhatsApp, is that Instant Message client, beloved by people too cheap to text. Now, it appears to have violated certain international privacy laws because of the way it forces users to grant it access to their entire address book. Reuters reports that both the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and the Dutch Data Protection Authority have released reports...