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Sony Xperia Exclusive Garmin Navigation app arrives in March with an advanced set of features

The Xperia exclusive navigation app is seamlessly integrates with Sony SmartWatch 2 Last week Garmin announced a Sony Xperia exclusive navigation app that will also have a special extension able to transform the Sony SmartWatch 2 into a navigation apparatus. The new app is extremely rich on navigation features for every driving mode and will help drivers reduce stress and...

Xperia Z1, SmartWatch 2 and Xperia Z Ultra up for sales in the official store of Sony 0

Three new devices join the virtual shelves of Sony store, Xperia Z1, SmartWatch 2 and Xperia Z Ultra

Since yesterday all the fans of Sony Xperia Z1, Sony SmartWatch 2 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra in the US were happy to get the news that the devices are officially launched in the country. They are already available in the US online store of the Japanese manufacturer. Those of you, who need a quick reminder for the new models...

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A Guide Through: The New Smartwatches

The high-end smartphones and large-sized phablets are only few of the hottest trends in the mobile world today. The biometric technologies are making their way through the innovative devices in the form of fingerprint scanners, like the Touch ID in iPhone 5S. The OLED displays with unique curves and capabilities are among the most anticipated and impressive innovations that will...