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Toq smartwatch available for $299.99 during CES 2014 0

Qualcomm Toq smartwatch at special price of $299.99, especially for CES 2014

Qualcomm announced a $50 discount for the price of Toq during CES 2014 Those of you who like wearable gadgets certainly have heard about the Qualcomm Toq. The advanced timepiece is known for its Mirasol screen that delivers a superior visual experience even in very bright environments. It sports an attractive design and provides very long battery life thanks to...

pre-order 0

Qualcomm is already accepting pre-orders for their Toq smartwatch

The device is bragging with Qualcomm’s new Misarol display technology Last week Qualcomm unveiled the pricing of its upcoming smartwatch to be $350. The device was announced for the first time in September during the company’s LINQ developer conference and it came clear that Qualcomm will get into the smartwatch business. Well, aren’t they all? Samsung released their Galaxy Gear,...

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A Guide Through: The New Smartwatches

The high-end smartphones and large-sized phablets are only few of the hottest trends in the mobile world today. The biometric technologies are making their way through the innovative devices in the form of fingerprint scanners, like the Touch ID in iPhone 5S. The OLED displays with unique curves and capabilities are among the most anticipated and impressive innovations that will...