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Moto Maker might soon provide the first modular phone of Project Ara 0

The first modular phone through Project Ara is coming soon

Motorola will soon launch the first modular phone from the Project Ara Among the biggest goals of Motorola is to develop tools and technologies that will make it possible for mobile users to create the dream smartphones by themselves. The concept for highly-customizable smartphones is beyond great, but many of us are wondering how realistic it is for the near...

Phonebloks Motorola phone made of parts 0

More details about Motorola / Phonebloks ‘Project Ara’ for modular phones

   Yesterday, we informed you about the ambitious Motorola / Phonebloks ‘Project Ara’ for building the first modular smartphones and the news has led to big splash in the tech society. Our previous article was based on what we heard from Motorola. Now, Phones Review can reveal some first-hand info about ‘Project Ara’ coming directly from the founder of Phonebloks Dave...