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Verizon has announced a new promotion for Moto X through Moto Maker with $50 cut in the price 0

Verizon cuts the price of Moto X by $50, now costs $49 on a contract through Moto Maker

When Motorola Moto X was officially launched the carrier AT&T was the exclusive provider of the Moto Maker tool which is the main reason that makes the flagship so special. Thanks to the unique feature customers of AT&T can customize their own units to be unique and extraordinary with the color combinations that fit their style and preferences. It is...


New leak reveals the launch date of Moto Maker in Sprint – 11th of November

The tool for customization Moto Maker is one of the things that make Motorola Moto X so special and unique. It enables owners of the high-end smartphone to choose the colors for their devices according to their own preferences and tastes. For those of you who don’t care much of the look of the device, this tool will not make...

Moto Maker will be available in Verizon on 11th of Nov, according to rumors 0

New rumors reveal the launch date for Moto Maker in Veirzon

The Moto Maker tool is one of the innovative options for customization introduced by Motorola that makes Moto X so unique and special. When the high-end smartphone was released in August, the only carrier that could provide the service for Moto Maker was AT&T and the company did not miss to highlight this advantage. Back then, Verizon also promised to...