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Nokia Lumia Icon can be purchased from a Chinese retailer for $630 0

Nokia Lumia Icon is available for purchase in Chinese website ahead of its announcement

Nokia Lumia Icon is up-for-sales in Chinese retailer before it is officially revealed Nokia Lumia 929 aka Nokia Lumia Icon is an eagerly anticipated smartphone that is yet to be announced by the company. It excitement around the revealing of the handset definitely fuels the rumor mill to provide more and more leaks and rumors about the official arrival of...

Lumia Icon spotted again before its alleged announcement on January 16th 0

Nokia Lumia Icon is spotted in the Incipio website, outfitted in a new case

New photos of Lumia Icon “dressed” in an Incipio case appeared on the web Nokia Lumia Icon aka Lumia 929 is eagerly anticipated phone by Windows Phone user who are looking for an advanced smartphone with a smaller size than the popular high-end phablets. In the past two months the rumor mill in the tech world has provided us with...

Lumia 929 will be launched by Verizon on 21st of November 0

Nokiai Lumia 929 gets ready for launch on 21st of November

Nokia Lumia 929 is among the most anticipated Windows Phone running smartphones in the last months. Many believe that it has the potential to become more successful compared to the famous Lumia 1520 that is promising an enriched user experience to its owners. The reason for the big anticipation about Nokia Lumia 929 is in the overall package of features,...